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Top Pool Marketing Automation Strategies

September 2, 2022
By Kyla

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Top Pool Marketing Automation Strategies: Marketing automation refers to software platforms designed to more effectively market on multiple channels online and automate repetitive tasks. The use of marketing automation has become an integral part of companies that are seeking to get a competitive advantage against their competitors in today’s business world. In a recent study, 91% of businesses that use marketing automation have seen it as a vital aspect of the success of their online marketing campaigns. So, why is marketing,g automation important for pool and spa businesses?

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Top Pool Marketing Automation Strategies: How Can Marketing Automation Benefit Pool and Spa Companies?

Use a platform like Poolhandy to promote your pool business and connect with new customers looking for professional contractors. We live in an era where it is expected to have personalized sales and a great customer support experience. Using marketing automation solutions can help your close business deals faster, build stronger relationships with your customers, and also help increase revenue without adding that extra labor by using email and text communication funnels for inground pools, above-ground pools, and hot tubs. This helps take the load off your customer support team by helping automate your client onboarding and after-sales service workflow. For pool builders, it helps automate communication from contract signing throughout construction to water care subscription programs.

Using Marketing Automation helps your business keep everything in sync by prioritizing taste and making it easy to hand off leads to the right person. The contact information is then sent to your sales rep once the lead is warm and ready to be contacted, at which point the automation assigns and notifies the sales rep. Your customer support team can see all previous conversations and actions the customer has taken along the way to the sale when your customer purchases. This process is seamless and efficient and builds long-term relationships between the customer and your business.

How Can Marketing Automation Benefit Pool and Spa Companies?
How Can Marketing Automation Benefit Pool and Spa Companies?

What Processes Can Be Automated?

Some examples of how your pool or spa company can automate your sales, marketing, and support are:

  • Website lead capture automation is designed to convert a website visitor into a lead by automatically collecting their contact information.
  • Sales Department-specific lead nurturing automation – designed to promote tips from the initial appointment- setting follow-ups until a leader becomes a customer. 
  • Client onboarding communication automation – complete automated communication from contract signing to the construction process and pool and spa water care services. These emails help to inform your customers about the next steps they’ll need to take. Having timely, concise email and text messaging enables you to build consumer confidence for your company.
  • Aftermarket sales automation – customized service forms and automated reminders that will help you capture leads and communicate with your monthly maintenance customers.
  • Water care automation – monthly maintenance plans, equipment service and repairs, open and closes, cover and liner repair or replacement, pool upgrades, ex…
  • Reputation management automation – helps to automate your customer review process from onboarding to aftermarket sales with text and email automation.

Why Your Pool/ Spa Company Needs Marketing Automation

Like everyone else, you’re busy trying to get things done and might be wholly swamped, so marketing automation will help your company save time you don’t have. Everyone knows that marketing is time-consuming and can be overwhelming for some, so many pool companies put any form of marketing on the back burner. There’s a lot that goes into marketing, from creating and sending out marketing materials to coordinating campaigns and then tracking the results; that’s a lot to keep track of when you have other job duties to follow and pools to build. The use of marketing automation will significantly take all that extra work and time off your plate; from email marketing and social media campaigns to lead generation, you can focus on other parts of your pool business.

Automation also helps with lead generation, and we all want leads, right? Lead generation is exceptionally vital for business growth and success. By having automation do essential marketing tasks, pool companies can gain more insight into their target market and identify the more promising opportunities. You can also develop successful marketing strategies and find better ways to connect with potential customers for your pool business. In the end, generating and qualifying leads helps you increase your business’s conversion rates, resulting in more sales. A recent study showed that 80% of companies that used marketing automation saw an increase in the number of leads they generated.

Using the correct data on customer behavior, marketing automation allows your pool company to tailor messaging and offers to each customer. With custom personalization, you can send the right message to the right customer at the right time, resulting in more sales and happier customers. This builds the customer experience by making it more efficient and builds that strong relationship between you and the customer.

Using marketing automation also helps track your pool company’s results and helps to identify any areas that need improvement. 

End Results

Using marketing automation for your pool company will drastically improve decision-making and give access to data and results. This is a great tool that pushes pool companies so much closer to their desired goals and the results they want to see. If you want to increase sales and generate more leads, then marketing automation is for you.

Why Your Pool/ Spa Company Needs Marketing Automation
Why Your Pool/ Spa Company Needs Marketing Automation


Related Questions:

  1. Q: What are marketing automation strategies?  

           A: A Marketing Automation strategy allows you to send dynamic content with your content to leads. This can be done quickly, and it makes contact much more effective, both in terms of meeting needs and facilitating the transition.

  1. Q: How to promote a Swimming Pool?

A: The most popular marketing methods for small businesses are the word of mouth, content marketing, social media targeting & search engine optimization. Some other effective ways to get the word out are through text/mobile business cards, directory listings, and video marketing.

  1. Q: How do I get more customers for my pool?

A: Have you told your pool services clients that they can refer their friends and neighbors to you for excellent pool cleaning? If not, it might be a good idea. Consider an incentive like giving two weeks of free service or a 10% discount on their next job to get an even more considerable buzz going around town.

  1. Q: How do I advertise my pool cleaning business?

A: Start Marketing Locally. If you’re starting, one of the most effective pool service advertising ideas may be local advertising.

  1. Q: What is an example of marketing automation?

A: Surveys are a great way to stay in touch with your customers. For example, they can be triggered after purchasing a product or service, so take the time to send one out now.

  1. Q: How do you develop a marketing automation strategy?

A: Defining your goals and identifying your ideal customer is essential. Creating a customer journey will help you understand what they are looking for and how they behave. Your marketing automation strategy should fulfill these needs. Allow your customers to have a multichannel experience throughout the entire process.

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